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Varials - Wound

Published :  11.10.19   13492
From the album 'In Darkness' | Available now
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I can see
why you felt the way you did
when you’re seconds from the end
do you think of me
or is it all the same
did you walk through the walls
were you ever here at all
is it empty black
or is it all the same

my open wound

heavy hand from a heavy head
I was there and didn’t see
with a single blow
he wiped it all away
you’ve bit right through your tongue
so who here’s at fault?
what a fucked up question

my open wound
it scabs again
but it never heals over
my open wound
is draped around me
all for your entertainment

is it artful drowning
or a gross exaggeration
of a higher power still watching over

I don’t think so
but it’s just a waste of thought
because I don’t believe in god

I can’t separate it from the rest
it’s such a fucking shame
that unless we shared a past
or it’s the apple of my eye
it still wouldn’t change a thing

it’s a sad, sad truth
but we all come to terms

I can’t separate it from the rest
and you say it’s such a shame
you say it’s a waste of thought
because I don’t believe in god
between you and me
who am I to be saved?

I don’t want to be alive



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